Getting to know me (Part One)

I think I’ll start off my blog with a few posts about who I am and possibly some of my journey away from religion and towards skepticism, science, rationalism and realism.

First off, this questionaire should be a easy way to kick me into gear and start a new writing habit that I would like to undertake.

Borrowed from Every Wrong Move (who apparently borrowed from Cool-Jen):

Now I’m gonna go through my iTunes list and follow the instructions…

Sort by Song Title; What are the first and last songs? 

first: ’03 Bonnie & Clyde – Jay-Z & Beyoncé Knowles
last: ¿Por Qué Te Vas?  – Maná

Sort by Artist; what are the first and last artists?

first: 112
last: Zion-i

Sort by Time; what are the first and last songs?

first: I’ll Be Back – 2Pac (:13)
last: Live @ Cream Amnesia Ibiza 2005  – Tiësto (1:41:43)

Sort by Album; what are the first and last albums?

first: … Or Stay Tuned, People Under The Stairs
last: Youth, Matisyahu

Top 5 Played Songs:

Just Be (Antillas Club Mix) – Tiësto
Castaway – Benassi Bros.
Aicha – Outlandish
Swing 2 Harmony – Perasma
Get By – Talib Kweli

Most Recent 5 of your Recently Added:

Elements of Life (The whole CD) – Tiësto
ThriveMix Presents Electro (The whole CD) –  Various Artists
Better off without Religion (MP3) – Richard Dawkins
Armonia de Amor – Ekolu
(The four songs from their Myspace profile) – Above & Beyond

Find “sex” – how many songs show up?  53 (“sexy” was also included okay?!) Find “death” – how many songs show up?  36
Find “love” – how many songs show up?  376

(I have 44 Gigs of songs)

Okay that was fun.  Until next time…

~ by Anubys on April 15, 2007.

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